A few years ago in 1991, a young man by the name of Yohanes Supriyanto came from Surabaya East Java into the undeveloped island of Bintan . 

     After surveying the area and finding much work to be done, he felt strongly that is his calling to help the destitute and  helpless in this island in1993 he married sweetheart Elizabet.B.Mumpuni  and together they started a Christian Ministry called Mercy Ministry Social Foundation “Anugerah” meaning “Grace” Registered in 1992 with the Indonesia Ministry of Social handicapped and isolated / unreached  among just a portion of the 1300 Riau  Islands, Spreading Christ Love. 

     Years before, Yohanes himself was from a poor family who were helped by a christian charitable institution in Surabaya East Java as he grew up, it made a strong impression on him, and he dedicate that his life would be dedicated to helping others just like him. He partnered with a few other people to star an orphanage in Surabaya, felling the burden to reach out to the poor, helpless and orphans. 

     As it thrived, he felt the Macedonian call to the island of Bintan, and together with his Wife and other partners, they have been laboring faithfully and living among the poor in the area.

    Over 1500 families have been helped one way or another for the past 10 years , Support Etnic : Malay, Javanese, China, Suku Laut , (Unreached People) Flores, Batak etc, including: 

-          Development and care for children an the elderly
-          Medical help for mental/physical handicap
-          Financial and logistic assistance for  the poor and isolate (remote islands)
-          Agricultural tools for farming
-          Ministry 57 Villages at Riau Archipelago an Sumatra


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